Carding hotel room

Hello ! I want to tell you how with the help of cvv shop goldenshop and small expenses to have a good rest.
First of all, we need credit cards. It is better to take a little more, for example, 10 pieces. In the future, you will understand
why it is needed. All the stuff I usually take here is credit card dumps, always great quality and friendly service.
My goal was to book a hotel in Barcelona for 10 days. No need to drive in data from the card directly on the hotel website, because
your payment is likely to be canceled. There is one important rule! Paid reservation can not be canceled after check-in. According
to the privacy policy and the rules of all firms that provide booking services, you can not be evicted on a fully paid reservation,
if you have already passed the registration at the hotel. But under one condition, if the reservation states: "Non-refundable" - this
means that you previously paid for the reservation completely using a credit card or paypal, by bank transfer, then no one will cancel
your reservation after check-in. I chose a hotel for a holiday in Barcelona and stopped at Barcelona Princess 4 *. Now, when I purchased
all the material I needed to work on the best site to buy cvv, I need to find a company that deals with hotel reservations.
You should not take the company wiped out to the holes, we do not take,, and others. Although many
still pay for booking a hotel, not on the domain com, but let's say .es. Next we open : book barcelona princess.
On the first five pages are the leaders in this industry, we skip them and start our search somewhere from the tenth page and further.
You can also choose or in another language, and already there we are looking for reservas barcelona princess. We saw a lot of
interesting things and open in the tabs those sites that you don’t hear.
Suppose we have 10 tabs and each site offers its services for booking. Further we look at payment methods. As a rule, credit cards are
accepted everywhere, but we are interested in processing. If you are not new to carding, then it will be immediately clear to you whether
the system is protected by 3d secure or not. Sometimes in firms about this additionally reported. Our goal at this stage is to pay for the
reservation and for ourselves to determine which of all the companies will send the voucher and will not cancel it, three hours after payment
from the card. Since we are looking for a company, it is best to book different hotels on each site, since an excessive number of requests
to one hotel may also lead to cancellation by the hotel security. At the moment, you do not have a proven office, so on each site we set
the necessary dates, select different hotels, then choose a number: There should be indicated something like “Pay throw credit card” or
“non refundable” or “pre pay” etc. We are interested in full payment on the company's website, many sites offer only to authorize your card
or enter it as a guarantee, and the full amount will be written off already at the hotel, with you, from a physical carrier. This option
does not suit us, so be careful and look for rooms with a payment option remotely. Next, fill in the necessary data for booking, as a rule,
we only need email, one guest’s name and phone number.
Moving to the processing itself and drove the card. We chose the right room and said that the credit card would be written off the full amount
for the room and there was no need to pay extra at the hotel. We drive in the card. Cardholder - one of the guests. Billing - you specify any
Thus, I drive in a card, as if it were I who owned it. Of all the information I am interested only in the number of the card, CVV and Exp.
This will work if AVS is not installed in the office (comparison of entered billing data with bank billing data, address comparison) Next we
press the pay button and wait, if everything went successfully, you will receive a confirmation on the page that the booking was successful
mail in a few minutes. This is the first option. Second option: AVS protection is enabled in the office. Our actions: we take a virtual server
under the card. We enter in billing all the information, including the phone, but indicate the cardholder. This option can also be passed,
all offices have their own nuances. We are looking for processing cards without a check.
As a result, we received letters from companies that
have successfully paid for hotels. If you book a hotel in advance. This is a great way to see where there will be cancellations and where not.

Constantly check your mail. analyze. Why was canceled. if you have material, try the same company every other day, but in a different way.
If the material is not always enough, you can buy here an excellent store of dumps goldenshop, quality service, it works 24 hours, 7 days a week.

It may happen that you did everything correctly, but a request was received from the bank to the office itself about the need to cancel the
payment. The cardholder understood too soon.
Well, now I will clearly show how I found one of many booking companies. Book a Barcelona princess
paid the reservation the day before the arrival
Found the following site:
Then I chose the dates I needed and moved on to
choosing a number. The peculiarity of this office is that everything is paid by credit card. Hotel payment is not allowed
Select a room and
click "Book Now"
In this company, I followed the method, I am the cardholder. Entered all the specified data in the same way as the original.
Processing here goes through sage pay, and verification is disabled here. After entering all the data, check the box, click "Confirm Booking"
and wait.
An email with the order number was immediately sent to the post office.
After a while, a letter with a long-awaited voucher arrives
in the mail.
The voucher is only a confirmation, you can register at the hotel using your passport, as I usually do. If you cannot find your
reservation at the front desk, first check your email and personal account on the office website, everything is ok with the reservation, if
everything is in order, print out the voucher and send it to the front desk. settled at the hotel on one passport, booked the hotel for the day.
Perhaps in this office you can do it for 2 days or more - did not check and there is no need for this. Therefore, I paid for the hotel, saving a
lot of money on vacation, with low material costs and finding a normal office. Many thanks to the administrators of the dumps with the pin-shop
goldenshop for their service and my well-spent vacation